Big Almaty Clove. It can be regarded as one of the most favorite places for the Almaty residents and guests of this southern city. Here, you will have an opportunity to admire magnificent natural and historical sights.

Big Almaty Lake. It is located in approximately 28 kilometers to the south from Almaty. The lake stands 2511 meters high above the sea level. Its maximum depth is 35 meters. The water capacity is about 14 million cubic meters. As far as the water level is concerned, it depends on the season. The lake has the most beautiful color during the period from August to November. Important: you will need your passport for the trip, since the route crosses the border zone.

Observatory. Situated as high as 2,700 meters above the sea level. The Tien Shan Observatory was founded in 1957 above Big Almaty Lake (the BAL). Its territory includes a hotel intended for scientific specialists from JSC “The National Center of Space Research and Technology of the NAC of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. In the observatory, tourists will be able to use a telescope to see the space vastness (if there are no clouds in the sky). And of course, employees will tell you a lot of interesting information about the Space, stars, and planets.

Cosmostation. It is situated eight kilometers above the BAL. You will have to drive along a winding serpentine road to reach the Cosmostation. The scientific center is located on Zhusaly-Kezen Pass. This is quite a high place – it is located 3,330 meters above the sea level. There are two stations here:

  1. The cosmic ray station. Since the early 1960s, particles of the cosmic radiation have been recorded here.
  2. The station of Cosmic rays of the Institute of the Ionosphere.

Also, there are monitoring and control services – weather and seismic observation posts.
The Soviet peak. It is a pretty curious name. And of course, it has nothing to do with the word “soviet” meaning “advice”. In summer 1938, Kazakh mountain climbers from the Teacher’s Institute were the first to climb this peak. Being the pioneers, they gave it a name – and called it the Soviet peak. It is quite high – 4,317 meters above the sea level. However, the route is not difficult for experienced climbers. It is rated as 1-b (not complicated).

Please note that climbers have a special 6-grade scale for assessing the route complexity. However, there are no such thing as completely safe peaks! You should be careful, since even a simple part of the mountain route can be extremely dangerous.

Climbing season – all year round. You can purchase a tour for any season. In May and June, you’d better carry a tickicide and sun screen. Even if you visit the lake in summer, be sure to take warm clothes. Keep in mind that the weather is cool in the mountains.

After reaching Zhusaly-Kezen Pass with off-road vehicles, you can climb the Big Almaty Peak that is 3681 meters high or the Mount of Tourists – 3,954 meters above the sea level.

The best direction for taking magnificent photos of the BAO is the north-west. From there, you will be able to shoot a high snow pyramid. It hovers proudly over the lake. It you haven’t guessed yet, we are talking about the above-mentioned Soviet Peak

Year-round. In any season, the region of the lake might experience cool weather, which requires appropriate clothes. When travelling to Big Almaty Lake in warm seasons, it can be sensible to equip yourself with a sunscreen, a hat and a protection against mites.
Walking tours from these sights to Big Almaty Peak (3681 metres above the sea level) and Tourist Mountain (3954 metres above the sea level) are possible
On a clear and sunny day, the best pictures of the Big Almaty Lake can be shot from the north-west coast, because on the opposite side rises the grand pyramid, crowned by the snow cap – Soviets Peak.
Cost: Cost:from 50 000 KZT per car (independent of the number of people)
Tour includes: Tour includes:

Payment: Payment: should be made no later than a day before the trip. You can pay in cash, by credit card or by bank transfer. In case you refuse the trip less than 24 hours prior to its start – 50% of the price will be deducted